Which is the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss Ayurvedic medicines have been working wonders since time immemorial. Practiced for thousands of years, Ayurveda has been proven to have numerous health benefits. In addition to Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, you can find medicines that will lower your LDL-cholesterol, improve your glucose metabolism, give you more vitality and provide greater stamina. Ayurveda treats every individual in a different way in order to promote weight loss and to maintain it because each one of us is made differently. There are three different body types which we all have, and Ayurveda helps us in understanding needs specific to our own body types. Therefore this knowledge allows us to follow and live in accordance with our own body rather than following any one system for weight loss. Before going on to talk about Ayurvedic medicines for weight loss, we should understand the body types.Body Types or Three Doshas According to Ayurveda Basically there are three different types of doshas and the entire Ayurveda is based on these three body types. But what is “dosha”? Doshas are the energies that are found in every individual. The three doshas are:
  1. Kapha Dosha: This is the energy that helps in controlling the growth of your body by supplying water to each part and keeping the skin moisturized. This energy also helps in maintaining the immune system. With a balanced Kapha dosha, you are always in harmony; however, an unbalanced Kapha dosha leads to anxiety.
  2. Vata Dosha: This energy helps in blood circulation, breathing and heartbeat. If your Vata dosha is out of balance you may notice that your fears and anxieties have increased and your creativity and general vigor become affected.
  3. Pitta Dosha: This energy helps in balancing your metabolic system. It also helps in controlling your body’s temperature. Any imbalance causes irritation and anger.
While all of us have all three doshas in our bodies, only one or two of them are active. People with active Kapha dosha tend to be overweight, whereas those with active Vata dosha tend to be thin. Hence you will see that most athletes have active Vata dosha.There are a large number of Ayurvedic medicines that will help in balancing your doshas. Weight gain usually occurs when your Kapha dosha is imbalanced. This is because the body’s metabolic rate becomes slow. People with Kapha dosha shouldn’t try to become very thin as it is against their nature. Instead they should eat food that will balance their metabolism and make their digestion better. So even if they don’t become skinny, (they will always be about 5-10 pounds overweight), they will have a healthier body and look better.Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight LossGarcinia Cambogia Also known as Vriskamala or Kankusta, garcinia cambogia has gathered a lot of interest from across the world being known as garcinia cambogiathe wonder drug for weight loss. Even though there have been mixed reactions in the scientific community about its potential to encourage weight loss, it is one supplement that helps in dropping those extra pounds. Mainly grown in Southeast Asia, garcinia cambogia is a citrus fruit. Its fruit rind is processed to extract a chemical known as hydroxycitric acid or HCA, which has been used for weight loss purposes. HCA will make you feel full thereby reducing your hunger. This extract has other benefits too, including lowering cholesterol levels.However, there are some things you should note about garcinia cambogia. Firstly, there isn’t enough evidence that would really suggest that this fruit extract has any effects on reducing your appetite. Secondly, this Ayurvedic medicine cannot alone be used for weight loss. Many studies published in scientific journals have suggested that there is no significant reduction in weight because of this supplement. However, there is some increase in fat metabolism once people have had its supplements. Thirdly, even though the side effects of having this natural medicine are mild, there are some, including dizziness, dry mouth, diarrhea and stomach upset.It is important that you take your doctor’s advice before starting with this supplement.GuggulGuggulAlso known as Indian Bedellium, guggul is an extract of a small tree, Commiphora mukul, found in India. While it is extensively used for weight loss purposes, there is a lack of clinical research into this phenomenon. Guggul helps in increasing your lipid metabolism, inhibits formation of new fat cells and stimulates your thyroid gland. As a matter of fact, some doctors point out that guggul has potential to interact with your thyroid supplements and blood thinners since it has anticoagulant properties and is thyroid stimulating.The recommended dose for weight loss by guggul is 2-4 grams per day. This should be taken with hot water. There may be some side effects that may not go unnoticed and they include nausea, stomach upset and skin rash.Salacia ReticulataAlso known as Kothala himbutu, this Ayurvedic medicine is widely used in treating diabetes and obesity in Indian Ayurveda.Salacia ReticulataThere have been several clinical studies on its weight loss properties. One of the species of Salacia, S. oblonga, possesses properties that lower the lipid levels. There is an important enzyme in our body, pancreatic lipase, that helps in digesting dietary fat thus contributing towards weight reduction. Salacia has triglyceride and LDL cholesterol lowering effects, which in turn help in losing weight. The presence of a polyphenol, mangiferin, in this herb improves the body’s sensitivity towards insulin and at the same time inhibits sugar digestion and absorption.While there are not any known negative side effects of salacia, there may be a drop in blood sugar levels if the drug is prescribed for treating diabetes. Its positive effects of lowering the triglyceride levels and also LDL cholesterol levels encourage weight loss.Foeniculum vulgareFoeniculum vulgareAlso known as sweet fennel, this herb helps in boosting metabolism, is an appetite suppressant and acts as a diuretic. Scientific studies on animals have shown that it contains melatonin that aids in controlling weight gain and improves the blood lipid profile. In Unani medicine, fennel has been prescribed for loss of appetite. Fennel seeds are pretty safe to consume, but fennel oil may cause a skin rash. If taken orally nausea may be experienced. The seeds are often used as an aid to lose weight. This is also categorized as antispasmodic. While antispasmodics help in soothing the digestive tract, high doses may stimulate the uterus into menstruation.LicoriceYet another Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss is licorice. It contains flavonoids that impede oxidation of the fatty acids. LicoriceHaving licorice tea or using its supplement aids in curbing your food cravings. Research indicates that individuals who were given a three gram dosage of licorice root extract for a period of two months showed significant weight loss. However, it is not recommended to have licorice root for long periods of time. You should eat it for a week and then keep a two weeks interval before starting it again and follow this regime for two months. Also, it is recommended that you have well-balanced meals comprising of leafy vegetables, fruits and lots of water along with a regular exercise regime if you want to achieve substantial weight loss.FlaxseedFlaxseedAlso known as alsi, flaxseeds swell when they come in contact with water, thereby making you feel full. Basically, it makes you feel full even if you have only had a small amount of food, thusaiding in weight loss. Apart from this property, flaxseeds are a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which is very good for your overall health. The only negative side effect of flaxseed is that pregnant women should avoid it, as it contains estrogen like properties which cause undesired hormonal changes. The best way to use flaxseed is to have it in powdered form and adding it into soups, oats or your breakfast cereal.Final Caveat You must have tried cutting calories, lowering your carbohydrate intake and even going for a gluten free diet. Even if then you are still battling with weight gain and are not able to find any method that suits you, you should go the natural way. Always remember that having a good digestion is key to having great health. You may find exotic over-the-counter Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, but we do not recommend them. Go for known natural medicines that will actually aid in weight loss. We suggest that, along with any medicine you are taking, you should maintain an exercise regime, as any physical activity brings only positive energy.

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