What is the Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss and Weight Training

What is the Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss and Weight Training What is the Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss and Weight Training weight loss and weight training dietLooking slim is no good unless you feel good too and that is possible only when you create the perfect balance between your weight loss and training programs on one side and your diet on the other. Doing either on its own is unlikely to give desired results and is definitely not good for the body in the long term. In fact, experts say that having a good diet plan is 65% of your overall weight loss plan. This is why it is extremely important to stay away from fad diet plans that promise the earth and the moon and then some, only to let you down later.Here’s the meal plan for weight loss and weight training that we think is really good and that would not only allow you to get slimmer, but also help you to maintain a healthy body that would perfectly go with your weight loss goals.Losing 8 pounds in two weeks This best meal plan works because we believe that a lot of people leave their diets as eating the same dishes everyday can be really boring and as such hard to keep up. We have tried to introduce variety into the plan by giving you multiple choices for each meal of the day along with their recipes, each with approximately same amount of calories. All you need do is pick one dish everyday for each meal making your diet plan fun. The amount of calories we are aiming at consuming everyday is 1350 and we recommend that you follow a sensible workout plan to go with this.Breakfast (400 calories) – Choose one every dayHere are the breakfast options for the best meal plan for weight loss we have created for you. They are sure to give a good start to your day!
  • Open Faced Caprese Omelet (Non-vegetarian): Dish up an open-faced omelet using two large eggs cooked in a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and topped with half a cup of shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese. Toss in a medium-sized sliced ripe-tomato and drizzle a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, add sea salt to taste and garnish with around 7-8 fresh basil leaves.
  • Roasted Almond Butter and Nectarine with English-muffin (Vegetarian): Take two halves of toasted whole-grain English-muffin and spread a tablespoon of roasted almond butter onto each of them. Use thinly sliced nectarine as a topping. Sprinkle cardamom powder and you have a yummy and healthy breakfast option.
  • Oatmeal-Berry Pancakes (Vegetarian): Make fluffy whole-wheat flour and oatmeal pancakes and top it with a little honey. Three medium sized pancakes should be good enough to fill you up and still keep you within your target calories.
  • Cheddar Spinach Omelet and Toast (Non-Vegetarian): Sauté half a cup of spinach in a skillet in two teaspoon olive oil, pour one egg and two egg whites over it evenly and cook till firm. Top it up with cheese and use pepper for seasoning. Have it with two whole-wheat toasts.
  • Peach Parfait (Vegetarian): Top up half a cup of fat-free sweetened vanilla yogurt with one fourth cup of low-fat granola and half a cup of sliced fresh peaches (or any fruit of your choice). Sprinkle ground cinnamon powder for a easy-to-make healthy breakfast.
Lunch and Dinner (400 Calories) – Choose two everydayOur meal plan for weight loss and weight training includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options so that you get the right proportion of nutrients.
  • Linguine with Pesto (Vegetarians): Cook two ounces of spinach or whole-wheat linguine with two tablespoons each of basil pesto and pasta cooking liquid. Mix with a cup of bell peppers, a few thin slices of a small Serrano pepper and add sea salt to taste.
  • Lobster Wrap (Non-vegetarian): Take 2/3 cup of cooked and chilled lobster meat, a tablespoon each of mayo and fat-free plain Greek yogurt, add a tea spoon of chopped fresh tarragon, a little pepper sauce, and grated lemon zest and salt and pepper to taste. Wrap it up in whole-wheat tortilla and top up with sliced lettuce or any other greens you enjoy. Serve yourself along with grilled zucchini slices.
  • Pizza Topped with Veggies (Vegetarian): Have two slices of regular cheese pizza with seasonal veggies as topping such as half a cup of sliced mushrooms, baby spinach, etc. and sprinkle your favorite pizza seasoning.
  • Greek-style Roasted Fish (Non-vegetarian): Bake five sliced potatoes, two garlic cloves chopped, a sliced onion, and herbs like oregano, both dried and fresh, all tossed in two table spoons of olive oil. Add lemon wedges and two sliced tomatoes and roast for 10 minutes. Top up with 200 gm of white fish fillets and cook for another 10 minutes.
  • Creamy Tomato Risotto (Vegetarian): Take 400 gm of chopped onions and half a liter of vegetable stock and make it into a smooth paste. Put the paste into a pan and cook with another half liter of vegetable stock. In another sauce pan, cook onion, butter a tablespoon of olive oil and cook one finely chopped onion, add two chopped garlic cloves and rosemary and cook a little more, add 250gm of risotto rice and cook. Add stock and tomato mixture slowly, add cherry tomatoes and cook till rice is cooked.
  • Open-faced Chicken Avocado Melt (Non-vegetarian): Make a sandwich with a slice of whole-grain bread, two-three ounce of grilled chicken breast, ¼ slivered avocados, and an ounce of 50% reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese. Toss up a side salad of 1 cup mix of romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and shredded carrots with a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and a table spoon of olive oil.
Snacks (150 Calories) – choose one everydayOur snacks are light and easy to make and perfect as a brunch as well as an early evening snack. Just pick one yummy snack from our weight loss and weight training meal and stop worrying about calories!
  • Grilled Apple a la Yogurt: Halve a medium-sized apple into 12 wedges and grill on medium heat till softened. Now, put in a microwave for a minute at a high temperature till the apple is soft. Top it up with three table spoons of low-fat or fat-free vanilla yogurt and sprinkle with cracker crumbs and a bit of cinnamon powder.
  • Popcorn and Mangopolitan: Take a cup of air-popped popcorn and toss them with 12 pistachios, season with sea salt and ground pepper. For your cocktail, mix two tablespoons of chilled lemon vodka, three table-spoons of mango nectar, and six tablespoons of lime water or sparkling lemon.
  • Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae: Treat yourself with four mini-scoops of fat-free chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips. Sprinkle a little cocoa powder and top it up with a tablespoon of whipped cream.
  • Tortilla Chips with Salsa: Have about ten baked tortilla chips with a little less than half a cup of fresh salsa.
  • Rice Crackers with Hummus: Snack on around twelve rice crackers with two tablespoon of roasted garlic hummus bought from the nearby supermarket or made fresh at home.
You lose weight by ensuring that you consuming less number of calories everyday than you burn. Now while following our weight loss and weight training food plans, you know that you are eating approximately 1350 calories, choose a work out plan accordingly. Just a small tip, summers can make you feel thirsty frequently, don’t head for sweetened drinks instead have lots of water. This would not only prevent you from taking unwanted calories but also add a glow to your skin. After all, a little extra is always welcome!

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