What Is The Best Exercise Routine For Weight Loss

What Is The Best Exercise Routine For Weight Loss What Is The Best Exercise Routine For Weight Loss Are you still mulling over as to which is the best exercise routine for weight loss? Well, the best and most effective exercise routine is the one you’re doing right now. There’s no such thing as a poor workout. Some are more effective than others; that much is true – but any routine is better than watching a reality show from the couch, while eating chips and drinking soda.So, if you’re looking for the routine that will yield the best results, get up right now and start working out. If you want to stick with it for the long term, it’s vital to find something that suits your lifestyle and that you enjoy doing. Some people find it easier to fit in a few short bursts of activity throughout the day. For others, having a previously established one-hour appointment at the gym represents the best way to schedule workouts into their busy agenda. And the best workouts are those that can be squeezed in at any time, without much preparation or equipment, so you can easily adjust them around your daily chores. Irrespective of your style, there are a few guiding principles that will guarantee the best results.Cardio Workouts Are Mandatory Any activity that raises your heart rate to over 50% of your maximum heart rate for at least 10 minutes counts as cardiovascular exercise. If you don’t know how to calculate your maximum heart rate, an easy way around it is to subtract your age from the number 220 (and, yes, the intensity at which you can work out varies with age – there’s no point in trying to work out as you did 30 years ago. The best routine is the one that’s adapted to your current circumstances, otherwise, you risk injuries and doing more harm than good, on the long term).Any activity can become cardiovascular exercise, if it’s done at the right intensity and for the right period of time. But if you’re not looking for originality, then the best bet is still the old-fashioned jogging: it takes no special training or equipment, and you can easily fit a session into your daily schedule, at almost any time. Do invest in a pair of jogging sneakers that are appropriate for the type of terrain you’ll use, since this will help protect your joints. Also, make sure you take the reasonable safety measures, such as wearing bright colors if you run on streets where you may be bypassed by vehicles.Alternatively, if you go to a gym, you can easily fit in 20-30 minutes on a treadmill or a stationary bike, with the same results. On the other hand, you may want to try swimming – an exceptionally complex type of exercise, which uses all your muscles at the same time, and without the nasty sweat that can be off-putting for many. Of course, swimming can be quite expensive, depending on where you live, and you’ll have to keep regular hours – but it’s worth trying to integrate it in your routine at least once a week.Don’t Shun Strength Training Strength training is a vital part of any weight loss routine. In general, women tend to stay way from lifting weights, as they fear they might bulk up and look like a bodybuilder. Rest assured that it takes many hours of daily practice to look like a bodybuilder and a special type of diet. Quite to the contrary, regular strength training will make your body look leaner and fitter even if the scale measurements do not change. Moreover, once you build muscle, your body will burn more calories even when you don’t exercise, simply to maintain the existing mass.You can have two different approaches to strength training: either do a full-body routine when you have the opportunity to work out, or break it into routines for different groups of muscles and focus on each individually at a time. Either way, start by exercising your biggest muscles when you’re well rested, and move on to the smaller ones gradually.You can train at home, since there are many best exercise routines for weight loss that require very little space and virtually no equipment (you can always use water bottles instead of weights – though a pair of weights is very cheap, and easier on the wrists – definitely a good investment if you’re serious about this). As a rule of thumb, you should pick weights that allow you to do between 8 and 12 repetitions of each move, before you’re forced to take a break.Understanding High Intensity Interval Training High intensity interval training (or HIIT) is one of the latest trends in best exercise routine for weight loss – and for good reasons. It probably offers the most benefits within a very short period of time, by mixing very short bursts of very intense activity with periods of rest. While HIITs are extremely effective both for weight loss and for general maintenance, it should also be said that they tend to be relatively difficult for beginner or for people who are not particularly fit, and have a higher risk of injury than regular workouts. It’s best to perform such activities under professional supervision, or to include them gradually in your routine as your strength improves. Remember that, initially, your goal should be to develop a habit, to make exercising part of your life in the same way that sleeping, eating, and brushing your teeth are part of your daily activities. Don’t push yourself too hard on one day, so that you’re sore and incapable of moving for the rest of the week. A good workout routine should not be strenuous or exhausting – it should simply be something that you do as naturally as putting on your clothes in the morning. You’re not pushing yourself for a limited amount of time – you’re creating a habit to last a lifetime.Stretching and Rest Days Rest days are just as important for achieving your overall goal as the actual workouts. Muscles need time to recover; in fact, if you push them daily, you might end up with the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve, and weaken them. Stretching is equally important, and flexibility and balance exercises should become a regular part of your general routine as well. You should include a short stretching session as a cool-off after each routine, and, ideally, also have an entire rest day dedicated entirely to stretching and other relaxing activities.Suggested Workout Week MondayStrength training: upper body, 30 mins (push ups, arm circles, biceps curls, triceps swings, Romanian deadlift, lateral raises)Jogging: 30 minsTuesdayStretching: 30 minsWednesdayStrength training: core, 30 mins (crunches, reverse crunches, Russian twists, planks, lateral planks, push through)Jogging: 30 minsThursdayRest dayFridayStrength training: legs, 30 mins (lounges, lateral lounges, squats, lateral leg lifts, burpees)Swimming: 30 minsSaturdayParty! Go dancing, take a walk in the park, go fly a kite, play football with the kids – anything that keeps you movingSundayRest dayStay on Your FeetSimply walking everywhere is one of the best ways to stay active and fit. You can park your car a bit further away from the office every day, or use the lunch break to circle around the block once or twice. Or you go shopping on foot, and take several trips instead of cramming everything into the trunk of your car at once. It may be more time consuming, but it’s also more enjoyable and relaxing, when you know you’re doing it for your health. If you can walk to work daily, or if you take regular strolls, such as taking your dog out several times a day, consider purchasing a pair of trekking poles – people who use them burn 25% more calories when walking.Opportunities Are EverywhereIf you have a nine-to-five job that keeps you glued to a chair – like most people have these days – it’s easy to give up on regular exercise and to miss even the most obvious opportunities. There are lots of exercises you can do even in your office, whenever you get a 5-10 minute break. When you do your chores around the house, turn up the music and move a little to your favorite dance tunes. Quality time with children is not necessarily about talking about the problems of the day – sometimes all problems go away during a short game of football or Frisbee.Last but not least, it’s absolutely vital to keep in mind that physical activity on its own will not yield fast results. You need to maintain a healthy, sensible diet, which covers all your nutritional needs, without sending your body into starvation mode, if you want to watch the pounds melting away. If you’re adjusting from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active routine, it’s entirely possible that you will require more food, and you’ll experience hunger pains more often. You can keep these under control by setting firm meal times and snacking wisely – in particular, eating a small snack after each workout, in order to let your body know the heavy work for the day has been successfully completed.

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