Top 20 Workouts To Lose Stomach Fat

Top 20 Workouts To Lose Stomach Fat Top 20 Workouts To Lose Stomach Fat If you’re looking for the best workout to lose stomach fat, the best thing you can do is to stop looking around for solutions, get up from your chair, and start moving. There is no such thing as a targeted exercise for abdominal fat; if you purchase any program that promises to deliver something like that, you’ve just thrown your money away on a scam. By no means, this should despair you, but it is quite the contrary. It means that there are lots of efficient ways to achieve your goal, not just one workout to lose stomach fat, but many, so that you don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over again until you get bored.
  1. Cardio: If you want nicely defined abs, you have to lose the extra body weight, and no type of exercise is better than cardio for that purpose. If you’re looking for a workout to lose stomach fat, look no further, and join an aerobic or Zumba class, go dancing, or put on your sneakers and go for a run – every little bit will help.
  1. Hula hoopHula hoop: The hula hoop is not exercise, it’s simply fun. You can have a good laugh with your friends in the park, or you can use it in your own backyard and travel back to your teenage years – and tone your abs in the process. In addition, it’s cheap and readily available in various stores, and makes a much better investment than various abs toning machines that do not deliver the promised results.
  1. Walk: Walking is a great way to shed some pounds and makes an exceptional low-impact workout to lose stomach fat, but there are other, hidden benefits to it. Walking has been proven to reduce the levels of cortisol in the organism, and cortisol, which is associated with high stress, has a negative impact on eating habits and binge eating.
  1. Planks: Among the isometric exercises, planks are exceptionally powerful. They may look easy enough, especially if you’re used to doing full push ups, but they involve every muscle in your body, and they’ll put your abs to the test. Remember to do all variations each time for best results.
  1. Walkout from pushup postionWalkout from pushup position: A great addition to any workout to lose stomach fat, the walkout from pushup position is an easy move, and can even be used as warm-up for a more serious training session.
  1. Exercise ball routine: The next time you hit the gym, give a try to the old exercise ball. It provides a wide range of exercises suitable for beginners and for people with reduced mobility, such as beginner’s crunches and leg lifts on the ball – and it forces your body in a position that keeps the abs engaged all the time. Need an extra added incentive? It’s not just your abs, but your brain too will benefit from such light workouts, irrespective of your age or current fitness level.
  1. Bicycle: A variation on the traditional crunches, the bicycle uses the obliques as well the abs, and it’s a must-use exercise for any routine that focuses on the core. The best part is that you need relatively few repetitions in order to make it effective, so you can have a great workout to lose stomach fat in a few minutes.
  1. Crunches: In the search for the best workout to lose stomach fat, it’s easy to fall for the latest fads and forget the true and tested path. No workout is complete without them, and they’ve already helped many generations get perfect abs.
  1. Running & jogging: And, while speaking of the true and tested path, jogging is probably the most popular form of exercise all over the world. Many people don’t think it has a direct impact on the stomach, but you can try to jog when you’re out of shape, and then a few months later, after you’ve toned your core, and you’ll definitely notice the difference. Besides, remember that any weight lost gets you closer to revealing the muscles that hide under the belly fat.
  1. Pilates: Made popular by dancers, Pilates is a form of exercise almost completely focused on the core. It has a nice variety of exercises, and it’s almost entirely low-impact, making it great for people with problems of the joints. As you won’t be sweating during a Pilates class, it’s also a good routine for an hour break during the day, such as your lunch break, if you’re fortunate enough to have a gym close to your office. Despite spending most of the time on the mat, rest assured that it’s not a class where laziness is tolerated – you’ll find yourself working out quite intensively from the first minute till the last.
  1. Jumping rope: Whenever you want to feel like Rocky, take out the jumping rope, one of the cheapest exercise accessories out there, and one of the most effective in terms of the number of calories burned per minute. The only downside is that it can be seriously discouraging for beginners – it seemed so easy when you were a child, and it’s burning so much once you’ve turned into an adult.
  1. Interval training: If efficiency is your target, and if you have precious little time to invest in your workout routine, then interval training is for you. Be warned though that the effort is considerable, and the risks of injury are relatively high, especially if you’re out of shape. The intervals can be combined in any way you want, so you an have a full body workout in as little as 20 minutes, or you can focus your sessions on the abs and back as often as you’d like.
  1. Standing & vertical abs: One of the most frustrating parts of any workout to lose stomach fat is the risk of lower back injury. Fortunately, that can be kept to a minimum with a routine of standing abs, which are safer for any age, and can provide great benefits for people with reduced mobility.
  1. Swimming: It doesn’t matter how old you are or how old you feel, swimming will make you move every muscle in yourswimming body, but in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, that will leave you refreshed and energized for the rest of the day. If you focus mostly on swimming, your muscles will take a different kind of definition – more fluid and subtle than the body obtained with regular exercising. This is also one of the best ways to strengthen your back muscles without pain, and thus you’ll be better prepared the next time you tackle more difficult exercises.
  1. Boxing: You can’t throw a proper punch without engaging your core muscles, which is why boxing is amazing for your abs – and fun, too. Be warned that boxing can get quite intense and a good session may leave you sore for many days – but, of course, the results are proportional with the investment.
  1. Dancing: Almost all types of dancing involve using your hips – from hip hop and break dancing to salsa and belly dancing. You don’t need to join a class, you can simply hit the floor in your local disco, or, if you’re shy and you don’t want an audience, you can dance in your pajamas at home to all your guilty pleasure tunes.
  1. Twists: The obliques are among the most problematic areas, so any workout to lose stomach fat should focus on them a bit. Russian twists and lying leg twists are great for that purpose, and they’re not nearly as difficult as they look at first.
  1. Weight training: While many women shun weight lifting, it’s a mandatory exercise for a toned, fit body. After the first sessions you’ll notice it’s impossible to lift weights properly without engaging your abs – so that’s an extra benefit.
  1. Easy office routines: When you’re stuck in your chair all day, it’s difficult to find time and energy for workouts – but there are tons of things you can do in your office. Your co-workers may find it amusing at first, but they’ll surely join you later, when the results begin to show. Every little move counts, and each time you take a break from work and you stretch a little, you don’t just burn calories, you also reduce the risk of serious health complications later in life.
  1. Pole DancingPole dancing: If you think pole dancing is easy, you’ve certainly never tried it. Give it a go one day, and you’ll feel your abs burning in no time – not to mention that you’ll pick up a potentially useful skill in the process. By the way, it’s not just for women, men can learn some mean moves and tone their abs around the pole too.
Any combination of these workout routines, done regularly, will yield results in time. It is important to have realistic expectations and targets, and to stop looking for shortcuts: there are none. Pace yourself and exercise frequently, and your abs will start showing soon enough.

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