Top 10 Losing Weight Foods

Top 10 Losing Weight Foods Top 10 Losing Weight Foods Obesity is one of the most common problems today – and for a very simple reason: we’re surrounded by unhealthy, calorie and sugar rich foods, which are almost impossible to avoid. The best way to maintain your daily intake and keep it under control is to eat healthy foods, which will provide you with a good dose of nutrients, not just empty calories. Here’s a list of top ten losing weight foods…
  1. Berries are extremely rich in antioxidants, which protect cells against aging and various diseases. They’re also great for Berriesboosting metabolism – in fact, many losing weight foods supplements are based on a substance called ketones, which is naturally found in berries. In addition, recent studies performed on rats indicated that a diet based on berries reduced belly fat and cholesterol, as well as causing an improvement in the levels of blood sugar and insulin. There is a wide variety of berries available at supermarkets today, even during winter, and therefore it’s very easy to integrate them in a sensible diet, without eating the same thing over and over every day.
  2. Whole grains represent a great method of keeping hunger at bay. One of the most common mistakes people make when eating losing weight foods is to ditch bread and other carbohydrates completely from all their meals. In fact, most of the energy that your body consumes on a daily basis is taken from carbohydrates. If you remove them, you’ll pay with total fatigue, which will prevent you from exercising more, staying focused, and, in some extreme cases, even performing your usual daily tasks. However, people who eat whole grains have more energy, and lots of studies have proven that these aliments greatly reduce belly fat.
  3. Beans and lentils are your best friend when you’re looking for a good source of protein and fiber. Therefore, they make a Beans and lentilsmandatory addition to the diet of vegetarians and vegans, who need to supplement their daily intake of protein – but others can benefit too, since the addition of protein does not come accompanied by the increase intake of fat which one usually finds in various meats. Studies have found that people who include beans as their losing weight foods in their diet regularly had a 22% lower risk of obesity than those who did not eat beans and lentils at all.
  4. Vegetables are yet another functional foods that are your very best friends in the fight against extra pounds. Make sure you include a side dish of veggies with all your meals – raw, whenever possible, to preserve all their great natural intake of vitamins and minerals, but cooked vegetables are also healthy and filling, without adding up extra calories to your plate. Celery stalks, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and peppers should always be on your shopping list of losing weight foods. You can use them to replace bread in a sandwich, or potatoes as side dish, and you’ll instantly turn every meal into a healthier choice.
  5. Nuts and seeds are nature’s secret for a healthy, strong body – but only consumed in moderation. This is extremely important to keep in mind. Filling up a bowl with pistachios, or eating nuts directly from a can, is the surest way to gain more pounds. It’s vital for learn how to calculate your portions correctly, which is typically by counting nuts. It seems a bit obsessive, but you’ll reap a wide range of benefits, including a great dose or proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, copper, iron, zinc, and antioxidants.
  6. Avocados are among the most amazing losing weight foods, with lots of hidden benefits. Studies have shown that people Avocadoswho ate a bit of avocado at lunch did not feel any hunger for longer, compared to those who skipped this step. In addition, it can be a very effective pre-workout snack, as it boosts your nutrient intake quickly and naturally (exactly what the pre-workout supplements claim to do, but for a fraction of the price). Replacing other cooking oils with avocado oil has also been proven to reduce weight gain and to improve health levels considerably.
  7. Lettuce should be part of your daily diet, whether you want to lose weight or just to stay healthy. It’s the best side dish you can possibly chose – and remember there are so many options, you will never get bored, if you take your time and search the markets for the types of lettuce that are in season. Wise dieters accompany every meal with a few leaves of lettuce, and many prefer to eat the salad first. This method has the advantage of reducing your hunger sensation, and then you’ll feel less tempted to finish up everything that’s on the main plate.
  8. Green tea has long been hailed as one of the best losing weight foods in the world. It’s an extremely powerful anti-oxidant, allowing it to rank very high on the list of super-foods. It’s important to teach yourself to love green tea without any added sweeteners (you can add lemon, if you want to). A teaspoon of honey once a day with your teacup won’t harm you, but you have to be careful to stay away from sugar and artificial sweeteners. Despite their claims, it has been proven, repeatedly, that artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain, by increasing the hunger sensation.
  9. Hot peppers are an amazing source of weight loss, one of the best functional foods out there. They contain a substance Hot pepperscalled capsaicin, which boosts metabolism, improves digestion, reduces the appetite, and greatly reduces the accumulation of fat deposits around the liver. The major downside is that hot peppers, eaten along with a low-calorie diet, can cause stomach problems – so it’s wise to make sure you eat them accompanied by a proper meal each time.
  10. Garlic has long been considered one of the miracle foods – it’s a natural antibiotic, it helps fight infections and colds, it prevents heart disease and cancer, and it has repeatedly been proven to help weight loss, when included regularly in a diet. Of course, the smell remains a big deterrent for many people. However, consider adding even a bit of garlic regularly to your meals, in particular to those you usually consider bland and tasteless. Garlic will make them more palatable, and therefore it will be a lot easier for you to stick to your diet.
The best way to lose weight is to eat a sufficient amount of nutrients on a daily basis, while avoiding empty calories and unhealthy losing weight foods. Instead of aiming for a quick weight loss procedure, try to find balance in your life, and to reach your desired weight by eating what you like, when you like – within reason.

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