Target Heart Rate for Weight Loss

Target Heart Rate for Weight Loss Target Heart Rate for Weight Loss The heart rate is basically the speed at which the heart beats and it’s measured by the number of times the heart beats per minute. It can vary according to the body’s activity at any given time, along with the oxygen absorption, and general health. The heart rate is different during sleep cycles, emotions, physical exercise, stress, illness, body position, medications, drugs, and even the foods that are eaten affect the heart rate – and it’s greatly affected while dieting. One aspect that people are becoming more aware of is the target heart rate for weight loss.Heart Rate TargetsThe normal resting heart rate for adult women is generally in the range of 70 to 80 beats per minute, and for adult men in the range of 80 to 100 beats per minute. A lower rate typically means that the heart is functioning better. The more physically fit the woman is the lower the resting heart rate. When looking at the target heart rate for weight loss for women the combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises are the most effective; and there are methods of measuring the most effective target heart rate.Most exercise facilities have a heart rate chart that is used to determine the heart rate at which the body handles burning the fat at a better rate. Certainly it varies by physical shape, age, and health of the heart.Different exercises certainly have a different effect on the heart rate. The following chart is an example of the types of exercises, with the beats per minute, for the different age groups, and the heart rate at which the weight loss is the most effective:
Beats per Minute, Age, Exercise Zone Chart

Figure 1 – Beats per Minute, Age, Exercise Zone Chart

Most people utilizing this chart for exercise training to monitor heart rate and burn calories in the 50% to 60% range, find that these exercises are for warming up and weight control – plus they are typically easier to do. Strength training exercising gets the heart rate up to 70% of the maximum heart rate and includes more endurance training which is comprised of a more vigorous exercise circuit. The hardcore anaerobic exercises require a much greater effort and gets the heart rate upwards of the 80% rate and is primarily used by athletes in excellent physical shape who exercise routinely. The maximum effort zone gets the heart up to 100% maximum heart rate and is not recommended for everyone because they must be professionally trained and monitored; this is more in the realm of Olympic athletes, specifically sprinters and other professional athletes at this level. No one should be at this maximum level without appropriate supervision and approval from their physician.The target heart rate for weight loss is the zone which is the most effective for weight loss during the cardiovascular exercise routine – this is the zone at which the exercise provides the greatest amount of fat loss with the effort achieved.Calculating the Heart Rate for Weight LossMost people who are just starting on a weight loss regimen and are using the target heart rate for weight loss need to know how to calculate the target heart rate. There’s a simple method for identifying the heart rate.For example:     A 40 year old with a resting heart rate of 65 and wants the workout intensity to be at 65%:Take the maximum heart rate of 220 and subtract the person’s age:220 – 40 = 180Multiply that by the percentage of desired intensity for weight loss to get the ideal heart beat per minute:180 x 65% = 117 beats per minuteThe ideal weight loss falls into the 60% to 80% categories; however, this takes time and dedication to safely work up to this level of training. It should not be attempted without a professional trainer working out the routine and lots of time to get to this level of effort.

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