How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Running out of gas in the car is frustrating. You think, “I just needed a half gallon more to make it to the gas station.” It’s the same thing with maintaining motivation to lose weight, there’s just a little bit more motivation needed to keep on that weight loss path. There are assorted ways to stay motivated and continue that weight loss plan and reach the goals. So let’s look at how to motivate yourself to lose weight.Set Obtainable GoalsFirst, and foremost, be realistic about your weight loss goals. Make them obtainable on a weekly basis. Remember: Every journey starts with one small step. So start the weight loss plan with those small steps, and when that first week’s goal is reached, set a new one for the next week.Let’s think about this for a minute. Let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds. Don’t plan on doing that in one month – mostly because the motivation only stays a few days when results aren’t there immediately, and the frustration sets in; but mainly because it’s extremely unhealthy to lose that much in a month. Plan the weight loss in small increments. Set a goal the first week to lose three pounds and determine the best ways to do that.Think about this when setting the plan. 3500 calories a days is about a pound of weight. Cutting 500 calories each day for a week is one pound – and that’s with no exercise.   With just that much one-third of the goal is reached. Add a couple of 10 minute walks, not only can the goal be reached but the motivation is there to attain a similar goal the next week.Weight Loss Means Get FitRewarding AchievementWith some people, it’s not just obtaining the goal that motivates them – it’s getting a reward for the achievement keeps the motivation up. If there’s a need to set a reward, determine what type of reward does the most to keep the motivation up. For some people it might be getting their hair or nails done; others may find that going to a concert or a movie is the motivation. Just don’t blow the reward by indulging on a huge dinner with a large helping of chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert (that could add back those 3500 calories in just one meal).Plan the MealsResearch shows that eating a larger number of smaller, balanced, healthier meals a day leads to greater weight loss. Set the goal to eat more meals a day and plan the meals for the week. Plan for six small meals a day instead of three large meals. More frequent, smaller portioned meals have several advantages:
  1. It helps stimulate the body’s natural metabolism for digesting food, which adds to the weight loss.
  2. More frequent, smaller portions helps prevent overeating.
  3. It reduces the amount of fat and sugar in the meals and helps maintain needed energy.
Remember add some fruit and veggies as a small meal to avoid those between meal cravings. Balance the meals out over the course of the day.Get Some ExerciseAnother great way to help lose the weight and reach the goals is by exercising each day. This doesn’t mean you start out with a full hour’s workout at the gym, start with a short 10 minute walk a few times a week. If you already have that “unused” gym membership, now is a great time to start using it! Most gyms have fitness coaches who can help keep you motivated and plan an exercise program based on the weight loss goals. Just remember stick to the original goal of three pounds a week and set the workout plans accordingly.If you don’t have a gym membership, walking around the block costs absolutely nothing. However, if you live in an unsafe neighborhood, go to the mall (remember the goal is to walk not shop), or find a popular walking trail where there are a lot of people walking the trail.Get a Weight Loss PartnerMany people find it helpful when working on a weight loss goal, to have a buddy that needs to lose weight also. Helping motivate someone else to reach their goals benefits you and helps keep you motivated as well.Weight Loss JournalJournaling is very helpful. On weeks that the weight loss was the most productive – write it down. On weeks that there was a struggle to lose the weight – write it down. Understanding what worked on those “good” weeks and what failed on those “bad” weeks can help you understand what helps maintain the motivation.Stay MotivatedSet the goal, work on the goal, and above all find ways to stay motivated.

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