How to Lose Weight in Your Face Fast: 6 Tips to Lose Face Fat

How To Lose Weight In Your Face How To Lose Weight In Your Face

The face is the first part of our bodies to catch someone’s attention.

So, it is imperative that you don’t just pamper your facial skin but also ensure that you have a chiseled look.

If you carry extra weight on your face, it will look terrible as it will hang from your cheeks and neck.

So how to lose weight in your face?

It is best that you lose weight overall, so that it can have some kind of similar effect on your face too and without looking gaunt, your face will show up your bones more than unnecessary and unhealthy fat.

However, if you just have a chubby face and rest of the body is in great shape, losing weight in face is what you need.


How to Lose Weight in Your Face Fast?

Now, let’s discuss our small little problem… how to get rid of face fat? Well, you can bring about this change in your life by following these simple dos and don’ts:


1. Check Your Body Mass Index

How to Lose Weight in The Face

Your face can look dramatically different, depending on whether you’re losing or gaining weight.

For this reason, if you lose weight in your face, you look like an entirely different person.

To achieve this, first calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). From this, you will know if your weight is right for your height or not.

If it is over 25, you are considered overweight, largely because of your facial fat. If, however, your BMI hovers between 18.5 and 25, you’re healthy.


2. Reduce Your Portion Size

It’s now time to consider your diet.

You will have to eat less for your body to burn fat to convert into the necessary energy. Instead of resorting to count up the number of calories your body expends per day.

Then, using the app My Fitness Pal, enter the calories you eat each day. You should be losing 500 calories each day to 2.2 kilos per week.


3. Reduce Your Salt Intake

How Can I Lose Weight in My Face

Stop eating processed foods like burgers, pizzas, noodles, chips and popcorn and meats like sausages, salami, and ham which are saltier than other foods.

Excessive sodium in the body leads to water retention, causing the face to bloat.

You should avoid adding extra salt to your dishes, instead try seasoning with herbs or spices for flavour.


4. Drink Water and Other Liquids Often

Water retention is also due to dehydration that makes your face distend. This can be countered by drinking about eight glasses of water a day.

You can add to this by drinking other fluids such as juice or fruits and veg with a high water content such as watermelon and cucumber.


5. Eat Healthy Foods

How Do You Lose Weight in Your Face

Make informed choices about food, and eat fresh veggies, fruits, protein and fibrous foods, instead of sugar-abundant foods.

These foods are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants that benefit your complexion.

Their calorific content is also low, so you can eat as much of these as you want without worrying about calories.

Eating lean protein is also helpful as it gives you a feeling of satiation and prevents your body from burning lean muscle mass with fat as you try to eat less.

A diet rich in seafood, chicken, turkey and low-fat dairy is good for you.

Eating whole grains like nuts, seeds, avocado and food cooked in olive oil can stimulate better skin health.


6. Exercise More

By doing a series of cardio exercises, your face can look radiant and young as more and more blood circulation keeps the area healthy.

About 150 minutes of exercise can help immensely. You could try cycling, walking, boating, water aerobics, swimming or dancing for best results.

Strength training is also effective in losing face fat. By keeping as much lean muscle mass, you can boost your metabolism.

You can also do some facial exercises like chin lifts, fish face, jaw release, etc.

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