How to Lose Weight Dancing

How to Lose Weight Dancing How to Lose Weight Dancing Dancing is so much fun! It provides some great exercise, a fun way to be with friends, and it burns calories. You know what burned calories means – it means losing weight. Just 30 minutes of moderate dancing a day can be a fun way of adding an exercise routine to the weight loss goals, and help you achieve them. Faster, more vigorous dancing can burn up twice as many calories as slower, less strenuous dancing, but either way, dancing is great exercise and a fun way to lose weight.How to Learn to DanceFor those who have never learned to dance, the thought of dancing to lose weight might be a bit discouraging. But don’t fear because there are dance classes in almost every town, and if you are intimidated by joining an actual “dance” class, there are generally some exercise classes at the gym that utilize dancing. Check both of those out. Research the assorted types of dances and find out which style works best with your favorite music.For those who are really shy about getting out and dancing in front of people, there are DVDs available that allows you to practice at home with just the TV until you are brave enough to use those new dance steps and join a dance class. It’s not only great exercise, but it is a great way of meeting new people that have similar interests.Young Lady DancingTypes of DancesSince there are many types of dances, let’s look at some of the styles of dances and the weight loss benefits of each style.
  • Ballroom – These provide many varieties to the dances and include some great tangos, cha-chas, and waltzes. There are faster, more vigorous ballroom dances, and slower, more sustaining dances.
  • Tap dancing – These usually very vigorous and provide a great workout.
  • Hula – These are beautiful exercises that gives a workout for the whole body.
  • Belly dancing- These are low impact dances and are great for coordination, toning muscles, and improving strength.
  • Ballet – This is another great way to increase flexibility, while exercising legs, backs, hips, thighs, and arms.
  • Zumba – This is a newer, very popular style of dancing and no partner is needed for Zumba. It combines the styles of salsa, reggae, and various lively dances that’s great for all levels from beginner to advanced dancers.
  • African Dance – These combine traditional African dance as well as contemporary, and uses great beats and a variety of steps that works out the whole body.
  • Line dancing – These are great for those who love the beat of country or western music and there’s no partner needed. You get a great workout and can have a lot of fun with your friends.
  • Cultural dances – Most countries have a special type of dancing that is native to that country, and many provide a vigorous workout such as Irish, Danish, and Scottish dances. They are a lot of fun to go to for a good workout and to burn those calories.
One thing to understand is that various dances work out different muscle groups and learning more than one type of dance allows a combination of muscles to be worked. Certainly there are many types that are vigorous and gives you a good workout, but be sure to mix in those slower dances to help catch your breath and give the body a few minutes to relax. In other words, pace yourself. A faster beat dance burns more calories, but to be consistent and burn more calories, you have to be able to dance for a longer period, and the slower dances are good for endurance.Just do the MathIf 3500 calories are needed to burn a pound of fat, and between 200 and 400 calories can be burned in an hour of dancing, it stands to reason that dancing is a great exercise for losing weight. When the routine needs to be varied between swimming, walking, bicycling, and going to the gym, dancing is a great way to burn calories and vary the exercise routine. Dancing has additional health benefits of lowering blood pressure, improving heart rates, and it can even improve cholesterol levels because it’s an added exercise that is fun.Dancing the Calories AwaySince there are so many dance styles available, dancing is a great way to get some fun exercise while burning those unwanted calories away. With a vigorous fast dance, you can burn those extra calories at a much faster rate while increasing your stamina and overall health. It’s a great way to lose weight, have fun, and get some additional health benefits of spending time doing some actual activity instead of hogging the couch and the TV remote!

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