How I Achieved 7 Day Fast Weight Loss Goal

7 day fast weight loss 7 day fast weight loss Many people get started with a weight loss program, but then aren’t able to complete it. You probably know someone like that. Well, I was like that. I tried to lose weight in the past, only to realize just how difficult the process can truly be! The movies make weight loss seem so simple. The main character goes to the gym, works out on the treadmill, and then after a quick movie montage, she suddenly has a great body. We know that the truth is very far from this and 7 day fast weight loss is not easy.The good news though is that if you take the information provided here, and you apply it consistently, you’re going to see positive results quickly. The key thing, however, is having the right kind of motivation. So that’s where you need to begin this process. What exactly is your motivation for losing weight? There are many reasons that you can keep in mind, to help maintain your motivation.Remember “Weight Loss Starts With Motivation”If you’re going to lose weight, first and foremost, do it for yourself. Remind yourself that being overweight has negative consequences for your overall health. This is not something that is even debatable anymore. Doctors and scientists continue to discover the different ways in which obesity can shorten a person’s lifespan and reduce that person’s quality of life. Obesity, and the factors that accompany it, also make it more likely for a person to suffer from other serious ailments. These include such things as heart disease, strokes and diabetes.Weight Loss Starts with MotivationMotivation goes beyond the personal as well.If you get sick in relation to obesity, you’re not the only person who is going to suffer. Your loved ones will also experience worry and anxiety while they watch over you. The people close to you are going to suffer as well, and it’s unfortunate because it is suffering that could have been prevented.There are also other reasons which are not necessarily ailment-related, but which are also important. For instance, one important goal related to weight loss involves having the body that you want. It can be annoying to want to wear a piece of clothing that used to fit well on you, but then now no longer fits. As the clothes of your past become consigned to the back of the closet, because they’re too small, you end up being constantly reminded of your weight gain. Later, you’ll have to think about what to do with these too-small clothes. If you give them away, it’s almost like admitting weight loss defeat, so that can add to your anxiety and disappointment.There’s also money involved, particularly in relation to clothes. If you continue to gain weight over time, you’re going to have to keep replacing the clothes you have, with larger sizes. That’s an expense that could have been avoided, if you had been able to avoid the weight gain.Then, there’s the question of energy, endurance and ability to play. This is particularly important for people with kids or young relatives. If you’re overweight, you might find that local or international travel can be more exhausting, because you’re carrying more weight as you walk around. Your heart might not also be as healthy as it should be. If you’re with kids, they’re going to want to play, and it can be disappointing not to be able to run or bike around with them as much, because you get tired and your joints ache more easily.So keep all these reasons in mind, and add your own. If things ever seem too difficult, and you’re in danger of sliding back into your old eating habits, remind yourself of these important reasons. Then refocus on your weight loss goal of 7 day fast weight loss and soldier on.Healthy Weight LossA Low Carbohydrate and High Protein DietThe key to 7 day fast weight loss is a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. This is something that you might have heard of before. It’s understandable that this concept has entered the public consciousness because it actually works. If you are able to take note of the contents of what is said here, and apply a low carb, high protein diet to your daily living, you are going to be able to shed the excess pounds.The details are important, however. It’s not enough to just decide to go for this kind of diet. It’s important to do it correctly, and in a way that is sustainable. That is why this particular plan you are reading now provides you with greater detail in the form of diet plans, as well as instructions for making the diet and weight loss stick. Before we go into those details, however, it’s important to have a good grasp of the diet fundamentals.First of all, let’s consider carbohydrates. Just like many other things, carbohydrates have both a positive side and a negative side. On the positive side, it’s important to remember that people need to take in carbs. Don’t ever think to cut carbohydrates out of your diet completely, because then your body would lack a basic building block for energy. Carbs are a source of energy, in the form of sugar. So when you’re eating the bread in your sandwich, you’re loading your body with potential energy that can be used for your activities later.You will have to distinguish between simple carbohydrates and complex ones. The basic idea here is this. Both of these types of carbs are made of sugar. Complex carbohydrates are considered to be the good type because they get digested and absorbed into the body over a longer time, providing longer term fuel. Simple carbohydrates, on the other hand, are quickly digested and absorbed. Since they get broken down so quickly, you’re not able to use up all the energy released. So the excess becomes transformed into fat, resulting in eventual weight gain.That’s the low carb part of the diet. The goal is to stay away from simple carbohydrates which get transformed into fat, while sticking with more complex carbohydrates which provide energy over time. You’ll find that the sample diet plans presented here will focus on ingredients containing those complex carbohydrates. In addition to this, you will also need to make sure that you are getting a sufficiently high amount of protein.Now let’s talk about proteins. One important thing to remember is that protein is a very important component to a healthy body. It allows people to have a healthier and more robust muscular system. This helps to explain why people who are working out and lifting weights need to make sure that they are getting enough protein. Without it, their ability to grow and strengthen their muscles becomes impaired, and they won’t get the full benefit of their exercise. Protein is also important when it comes to maintaining a healthy chemical and hormonal balance within your body.Low Carb High Protein DietNow, another important thing to consider about protein is that it doesn’t go into storage, if you take too much of it. It’s not like carbohydrates which get transformed into fat when you take in too many carbs. Instead, any extra or excess protein gets moved back out of your body. This is why you need to make sure you’re getting enough protein on a regular basis. You can’t rely on the fact that you ate a lot of protein some time ago. You can’t take too much of it one time, and then too little of it later on. Your protein intake needs to be continuous and consistent.Since excess protein doesn’t get transformed into fat, or otherwise stored in the body, it becomes possible to have a high protein diet. This allows a person to eat more of a particular type of food, in order to achieve a feeling of fullness, as long as that food type is mostly a protein-based food. So this explains the reason behind going for a low carbohydrate and high protein diet.Sample Diet Plan #1Now that you’ve seriously considered your motivation for 7 day fast weight loss, and you’ve read about the fundamentals of this type of diet, it’s time to go into the details. In order to make this as actionable as possible, we can look at some concrete and specific diet plans and instructions.Diet Plan #1BreakfastFirst of all, let us begin with breakfast. This is a very important part of any diet plan. Don’t even think about skipping breakfast, or making a breakfast-less day into a habit. You might think that having one less meal will contribute to your weight loss, but in fact, it will be counterproductive. If you skip breakfast, you’ll find yourself very hungry around noon, and the temptation to binge eat during lunch will be very great.Skipping breakfast will also result in lower energy during the day. If your energy is low, you’ll be more likely to avoid physical activities, and this will contribute to weight gain. Finally, skipping breakfast regularly will make it more likely for you to get sick. And if you get sick, any diet plan will tend to go out the window while you try to recover. So don’t skip breakfast. Instead, make it work in your favor.For breakfast, this is what you will be taking in. You will have half a glass of  sattu (mixture of ground pulses and cereals)


with water and milk. You will also have one bowl of papaya, accompanied by some sprouts, and one glass of fruit juice. Now, some of these types of food might not be in the breakfast plans of many people. But that’s the point. In order to get serious about weight loss, you’ll have to be able to embrace change.Many people are still unfamiliar with what sattu is. Basically, sattu is a particular kind of food which is popular in the South Asian region, and which is growing in popularity elsewhere. It’s made up of a combination of cereals and grain legumes, which have been ground up so that the consistency is more fine and powdered. This food is also subjected to roasting in order to achieve the final consistency and flavor.Afternoon LunchLater, in the afternoon, you’ll have a lunch which is composed of dal (lentil soup) and cooked vegetables. You will accompany this with a salad, as well as curd. Again, dal may be unfamiliar to many people. It is a type of food that is also quite popular in the South Asian region. It’s composed of dried grain legumes. These may be lentils, beans, peas or something similar. The great thing about dal is that it is a food type which is high in protein. For vegetarians, or for people who eat only a little meat, it’s important to have this type of additional source of protein.DinnerThen, in the evening, your meal will be made up of either cooked vegetables or boiled chana. The chana can either be the red or the white variety. Many people are familiar with chana using another name, chickpea. It’s a legume which also provides a high amount of protein. This type of dinner will allow you to get the protein that you need, without accompanying it with additional fat. In addition to that food, you will also drink one glass of milk before you go to bed.So that’s how Diet Plan #1 goes. Again, the focus is on taking away the carbohydrates which contribute to fat, while also maintaining a high level of protein. The great thing about this diet plan is that it has been shown to work in many people. For example, one person reported that he was able to reduce his weight by 2 kilograms or around 4.4 pounds in just one week, by faithfully following Diet Plan #1.This can be a huge deal because if you’re able to see results in a relatively short amount of time, it becomes more likely that you will stick to the plan. That same person also reported losing 4.5 kilograms over a four week period, or around 9.9 pounds. So it’s clear that the weight loss does not stop after a certain period of time. Instead, the weight keeps on dropping.Additional Diet Plan AlternativesIt’s recommended that people go with Diet Plan #1. The main advantage of this plan is that it has been proven to work quickly, so that weight loss results are seen in as little as one week. This is good for a person’s motivation and morale, and this helps a person to be more committed to losing weight. In addition, while the ingredients may not all be familiar to some people, they are not that difficult to find. Thanks to the growing internationalization of supply chains, there’s a good chance that a nearby grocery, supermarket or other food store, will carry the needed ingredients.That said, some people might choose to look at alternatives to Diet Plan #1. Perhaps they cannot quite go without meat in their regular meals. Or maybe they live in a place where they cannot gain access to some of the food types or ingredients. For those people, this section will provide some alternatives to Diet Plan #1, including alternatives with meat in them.No matter which plan or alternative you choose, keep these basics in mind. As far as carbohydrate intake per day, you can aim for a range of 150 to 200 grams. However, if you would like to speed up your weight loss, you can aim for a lower range of 25 to 50 grams per day. In order to have an accurate understanding of how many grams of carbs a certain food product contains, you will have to read the labels on any packaging.For breakfast, here are some options. One option is to prepare an omelet, where the primary ingredients are assorted vegetables. For people who need their meat, you can go for a meal of bacon and eggs. Make sure to keep your portions omeletappropriate. You don’t want to end up binge eating on bacon strips in the morning. Look for pictures of what the right size of an omelet, or the right number of bacon strips should look like, and then prepare the same amount for your meal.Moving on to lunch, you can prepare yourself a salad. Make sure to go with a dressing that is healthy. Check the ingredients and labels of any dressing that you buy. To be on the safe side, you can go with something like olive oil. As far as protein is concerned, you can include lean chicken meat in your salad, or you can go with fish or shrimp. A well-prepared salad should be able to give you a sufficient feeling of fullness, and a good amount of protein, while staying away from too much sugar, salt and bad carbohydrates.When it comes to dinner, you also have a number of alternatives. You can prepare some fish, with vegetables on the side. This allows you to have your protein intake, while still having enough to eat so that you won’t feel hungry. You can replace the fish with meat, and you can go for something more like a taco, except without the shell. So that will include salsa as well as taco-type vegetables. Or you can simply go for lean chicken with vegetables.These options can also be useful for people who don’t like eating the same thing on a regular basis. You can go with Diet Plan #1, but then substitute from these alternatives every now on then, so that your taste buds don’t get bored. Other types of food that you can consider substituting include apples, oranges, walnuts, carrots, and the like. Again, make sure to keep your portions under control. Remember that even if a food is on the recommended list, you can still eat too much of it for your own good. So keep the amounts moderate and appropriate.There are also types of food that you should avoid. Some of these include tea, coffee, bananas, potatoes, watermelons and more. This can eventually get somewhat confusing, since it can be hard to tell if a particular product is okay or not. The safest way to go about it is to stick to the food in the recommended list, and give the diet enough time to work.Making Weight Loss StickIt’s important to stick with the program during these 7 days. People see results in as little as a week or two, but for many, even a week of controlled eating can be difficult. Resist the urge to cheat on the plan. For it to work properly, you need to be faithful to the instructions. As you proceed to apply this diet plan daily, there are a number of things to keep in mind, to make your chances of success greater.First of all, avoid eating sweets. If you are someone who enjoys having a chocolate bar on a regular basis, or some other form of sweet pastry, cookie or other product, make it a point to stop eating them first.Some of these products have a lot more sugar than people realize, and the problem with this sugar is that it gets converted to fat very easily. Softdrinks and sweet artificial juices are also problem products. Many people drink softdrinks more than water. There’s too much sugar in these products, so if you keep drinking them, you’ll be heavily undermining your diet plan. So stay away from these types of drinks.Lose weightThat leads to another basic guideline, which is to drink enough water. It might be difficult to reduce your consumption of food, and even on Diet Plan #1, you might still find yourself craving what you used to eat. Help put a stop to this by making sure to drink water on a regular basis. It helps to give you a feeling of fullness. For those people who can’t stand the taste of plain water, you can add a few slices of lemon. You’re not going for full blown lemonade here. You just want to have a hint of additional taste, so that you can drink enough of the water. This will also prevent you from getting dehydrated, and it will reduce any craving for soft drinks.Another guideline is to avoid skipping meals. Even if your work day is a busy one, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you’re eating enough. You don’t want to starve yourself or try to lose more weight by cutting out entire meals. Just like with the example of breakfast earlier, it’s counterproductive. In fact, doing this could lead to greater weight gain. So don’t do it.In line with the previous guideline, also make it a point to wake up earlier. If you can wake up at 6:00 in the morning, do so. This offers a number of benefits. If you wake up earlier, you have enough time to prepare the food that the diet plan recommends. However, if you wake up late, you’ll end up rushing in the morning, and you might either skip breakfast or you might just have a breakfast of junk or not appropriate food.Also, if you have a little extra time in the morning, you can use it to regain your sense of balance. Remind yourself of your motivations for losing weight. Affirm the fact that this is something important to do. If you do this every morning, there’s a better chance that you won’t stray off course.Learn more about what you eat. Don’t just depend on product names which claim to be low carb or high protein. Instead, take the time to read what is on the actual label. Remember your carbohydrate target of either 150 to 200 grams (slower weight loss) or 25 to 50 grams (faster weight loss). Do the math to calculate whether you are actually staying within your desired carb target.Finally, remind yourself that you are aiming for a particular amount of weight loss. Once you reach your desired healthy weight, you can proceed to a more relaxed diet. This does not mean that you will go back to eating food with poor nutrition or high carbs. Instead, it just means that you can continue to focus on eating healthy, while aiming to eat just enough so that you’re no longer hungry, but no more than that. At that point, you will have achieved your goal of 7 day fast weight loss, so you can reap the benefits.

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