Facts About Lipotropic Injections For Weight Loss

Lipotropic Injections For Weight Loss Lipotropic Injections For Weight Loss We all want our cake and to be able to eat it too without becoming fat. Obesity is one of the most common causes of heart disease. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a regular exercise regime is not possible for many people. While there are many ways to shed those extra pounds, lipotropic injections for weight loss are gaining in popularity. This is because they help an individual lose weight quickly. But what are lipotropic shots, how do they help in shedding weight, are they safe and how much can you expect to lose from these injections? Below are some answers to these questions.

What are lipotropic injections?

Lipotropics are compounds that help in the synthesis and metabolism of fats in the body. Lipotropics act on the liver and improve its overall health. However, you must be wondering what part the liver plays in reducing weight. Well, the liver is key to our overall health; it multitasks by acting as a filter to remove toxins and byproducts such as ammonia from the blood, and it helps in digesting food by producing bile that breaks down and absorbs fat and other types of minerals and vitamins. The liver also helps in regulating glucose, blood sugar, insulin, blood cholesterol and some hormones. A healthy liver means your chances of losing weight are greater.lipotropic injection for weight lossA lipotropic injection promotes the flow of fats and bile from the liver, which in turn improves general liver function and fat metabolism. There are four main types of lipotropics: methionine, inositol, choline and vitamin B12.
  • Methionine: This is found in abundance in humans and is an essential amino acid. When estrogen levels are high in the body, the body needs more methionine. The reason is that estrogen reduces the bile flow in the liver and increases the bile cholesterol. Methionine helps in deactivating the estrogens.
  • Choline: This compound is an important ingredient for fat metabolism. It provides methyl and is needed for proper liver function. It helps in producing hormones that enhance the metabolism rate thus assisting in fat removal from the liver.
  • Inositol: Also known as vitamin B-8, this lipotropic has properties that promote weight loss. When consumed it helps your liver to break down fats in the body. In combination with choline inositol forms lecithin, which also fights fat. If consumed orally before going to bed, in theory it should help you in burning fat. Inositol has also been shown to relieve depression and panic attacks.
  • Vitamin B12: Research suggests that vitamin B12 can help weight loss by 2.3% in women and 3.7% in men if they are on a low calorie diet.
Adenosine phosphate is also a lipotropic, which occurs naturally in the body. It helps increase body energy as well as aiding weight reduction, increasing stamina and improving overall mood.A lipotropic injection or Lipo-B shot contains all these lipotropics that are made from naturally occurring ingredients.

How do lipotropic injections help in weight loss?

There have been mixed reactions amongst people who have taken Lipo-B shots. While many have reported significant weight loss, some have reported that these haven’t worked at all. The table shown below will tell you how lipotropic injections work and how each ingredient in it helps in losing weight.People who are dieting do not necessarily receive all the important nutrients to keep their bodies running smoothly. Taking lipotropic shots will ensure that your body has enough essential nutrients, and helps increase your energy levels too.[table id=1 /]

Are lipotropic shots for weight loss safe?

You already know that without the essential lipotropic nutrients mentioned above bile and fat can build up in the liver and cause a variety of health issues and diseases such as liver failure, cirrhosis and other metabolic problems. All the compounds play a key role in fat distribution, fat burning and subsequent weight loss. When these are injected directly into your blood stream, they are entering the body directly and provide these natural substances immediately if there is short supply. There is no evidence that suggests that these injections are harmful. However, consult a physician before you take these shots.

How much can you lose?

These injections sound great – right? But if you are wondering how much you can lose by having these shots, then you should know that results vary from person to person. Once your physician has given you these injections, he or she will ask you to go on a calorie restricted diet that you need to incorporate into your daily fitness regime. Along with a controlled diet the effects of lipotropic injections for weight loss will be faster. Many people have reported losing 2-3 pounds a week, and some have even reported 5 pounds a week when on a strict diet. But you have to remember that the weight loss process is gradual and response to these shots depends hugely on your body’s metabolism.Don’t think that it is some kind of miracle and that you won’t have do anything else if you have taken the Lipo-B shots. You must continue with your regular exercise, maintain a healthy diet (which includes cutting down on sugar, fatty food, cigarettes and liquor).

What are some of the benefits of lipotropic injections?

  • Improved heart health: Lipotropics contain a variety of essential ingredients that help in reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Keeps you happy: Since lipotropics boost your energy levels, your body produces high levels of serotonin, which is a ‘happy hormone’. It keeps you invigorated and energetic, your focus improves and memory loss is prevented.
  • Liver is in a healthy condition: One of the best things that the lipotropic family does is that it keeps the liver in the best of health. It’s as if your liver is detoxifying.
  • Great gut health: Since lipotropics also act as appetite suppressants, your gut gets much needed relief and heals fast. Overall health of the gut improves.
  • Prevents arthritis: Methionine not only helps in burning fat; it also encourages healthy growth of joint tissues.

What are the side effects of lipotropic injections?

Even though lipotropics offer a plethora of health benefits, there are some potential side effects also. You can experience stomach upset and certain urinary problems. This is because these injections place a lot of strain on the kidneys by eliminating toxins. You may experience depression. Some people have reported that they were unable to control their urine and also experienced diarrhea. Since the lipotropics enhance energy levels, you may quickly face exhaustion, as your body is not used to working at this level. Weight loss is not consistent in all patients. Some may lose up to 2-3 pounds while some may lose more. Some people may not experience weight loss at all. Patients with a sulfonamide allergy should not have this injection.

What is the typical dosage and cost for these injections?

The typical dose of the vitamin B12 injection is 2cc per injection that has to be repeated every 72 hours. They are given on your hip or in the muscle of your arm. These injections are administered over a period of 12 weeks and cost about $200 for twelve shots. They are not available online and need a medical prescription, so ensure that you have consulted your doctor before having these.Overall, there is enough evidence to suggest that lipotropic injections for weight loss are effective. But you cannot take too many shots as it can affect your liver. People go around clinics thinking the more the better, but that is not the case. Just have the correct number of shots, follow the recommended diet regime, exercise at least an hour a day and you will see it working successfully.

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